He was born in a musical family. Father was the lead singer of a Kirtan team. Mother could sing too. Rehersals used to occur in their house 2-3 days a week. His music life initiated when he started sitting with the team and began cherishing the sound of kartal played with kirtan. Music was a practise in his maternal as well. His first and third uncles were devotional singers of Ramayana and Manasa. Grand father used to sing and act in plays. His soul was enthralled whenever he visited there. In the childhood, he used to listen to a program called Barnali broadcasted on All India Radio. It was a musical event. He used to replicate the songs played there in front of his friends while beating tables and benches.

After becoming adult, he had learnt Classical and Rabindra Sangeet from Mr.Shishirendu Bhowmick for 15 long years. Still learning Classical from Mrs.Meera Sarkar. Learned Nazrul Geeti from Mr.Sasanka Chakraborty, Mr.Sadhan Brahmachari and Mr.Biman Mukherjee. He has learned Devotional Songs, Bhajanas, Rajanikanter Gaan, Dwijendra Geeti, Modern Songs, Light Classical and Shyama Sangeet from Mr.Ajoy Chakraborty, Mr.Balai Das, Mr.Prasenjit Fanchu, Mr.Madhab Das, Mr.Chandan Roychoudhuri, Mr.Nishith Sadhoo and many others. He has passed Diplomas in Rabindra Sangeet and Nazrul Geeti.

He has performed on numerous radio and television channels. Apart from the state-run All India Radio and Doordarshan, he has also sung on ETV, Alpha, ATN, Sonar Bangla, Tara etc. Till now, he has released many cassettes and VCDs on Rabindra Sangeet, Devotional Songs, Humerous Songs, Folklore, Old Songs etc. Last year, released a Video Album "Praner Thakur". Lyricists he has worked with include famous ones like Mr.Mrinal Banerjee, Mr.Swapan Chakraborty, Mr.Chandan Roychoudhuri, Mr.Biplab Chakraborty, Mr.Bijoy Ghosh, Mr.Binod De, Mr.Balai Das, Mr.Madhab Das, Mr.Bimal Bhushan etc. He has sung with artists as famous as Mr.Hemanta Mukherjee, Miss Haimanti Shukla, Mr.Amar Pal, Mr.Srikanta Acharya, Mr.Raghab Chatterjee, Mr.Rupankar, Mr.Shamik etc. He has performed in many festivals like Haldia Utsav, Bishwa Banga Sammelan, Banga Sanskriti Utsav etc.

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