We conduct tours all over India. Our main focus is on Sankarpur, where we are the only booking agents of the hotel complexes, Matshyagandha and Jowar Complex, of West Bengal Fisheries department. Among other places, where we organise tours regularly are Gangtok, Puri, Digha, Mandarmani and Tajpur.

Balukabela => Trip to Sankarpur
Tushar Darshan => Trip to Gangtok
Jagannath Darshan => Trip to Puri
Chiranabin => Trip to Digha
Monoram Beach => Trip to Mandarmani
Nirjan Niralay => Trip to Tajpur

We also take travellers to Tarapith, Ghatshila, Sundarban, Chandipur, Bakkhali, Gopalpur, Panchlingeshwar, Mirik, Mython, Vizag, Varanasi, Agra and other places.