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Anjan Chakraborty is a Researcher and Biographical Critic on Tagore, Poet, Novelist and Story Writer.

He is deeply influenced by Sri Tapobroto Ghosh who knows how to merge truly in the sea that is Tagore. It is he who inspired Ajan to write his own reflections on Tagore.

Anjan's article ‘Amare Aral Koria Darao’ published in Anustup (Rabindra Sankhya 2010) is an exploration of how Tagore's life and works meet at a point of serenity through an attempt of laying down his entire ego and sublimisation of his love for Kadambari, his muse. His publication ‘Rabindranather Malancha : Mrityur Chhaya Jibaner Dabi’ is a full-fledged study of the novel ‘Malancha’ by Tagore, trying to highlight its uniqueness in both form and content (like biographical influence, influence of film in the prose style) which is not yet properly assessed. The book is published by ‘Bidya’ on July 2011. His poetry bloomed with ‘Krishna Gahabhar Theke Bolchhi’ appreciated by ‘Desh’ (November 2004). His novel ‘Megh Jakhan Chhad’ draws appreciation from persons like Dr.Arun Kumar Basu to an ordinary house wife. It is inspired by the life of a friend who is struggling with life which often appears so unjust and cruel even.